The summer is off to an exciting start and we are pleased to announce the following new features in DSD Manager and our RouteACE mobile offerings. We hope everyone has an enjoyable summer with an opportunity for rest and time with family and friends.

DSD Manager – Lot Tracking: DSD Manager now fully supports pallet/lot tracking. This feature can be enabled by warehouse. Incoming pallets can be tracked upon receipt from your vendor and contain Pallet Tag information such as expiration date, status and inventory levels. This will help facilitate tracking of product expiration dates and FIFO. For more information please contact support to schedule a training/overview session.

DSD Manager – Sales Maintenance (New Filter Option): Sales Maintenance now has the ability to filter invoices that have a specific PRODUCT #, PRODUCT GROUP or PRODUCT CATEGORY. You can use this feature to easily find invoices with specific products on them

DSD Manager – Configurable Handheld Security Codes: System Administrators now have the ability to turn On/Off all handheld security codes. When Off, the driver will not be prompted for a security code when attempting to perform the specific function.

Handheld – Instant Communications for Sales Invoices (Cellular Plan Needed): Handhelds equipped with a cellular radio can now upload their sales in Real Time (as they are happening)

iPad Pre-Sales App- Asset & Item Scanning: Supports both UPC and QR code scanning

iPad Pre-Sales App – New Survey Feature: (Can be added at the following work flow points)

iPad Pre-Sales App- New Survey Feature: (Can be added at the following work flow points)
• Beginning of day
• During customer service
• After asset audits
• End of day

iPad Pre-Sales App – Instant Credit Feature: The iPad Pre-Sales app now has the ability to place an ORDER for a credit. If the option is on, it will upload that order as a credit invoice (SALES), eliminating the need for the delivery agent to processing the credit. It’s an instant credit – needed for Walmart, and other chains who require a credit on the spot with an invoice number.

Other New iPad Features:
• Enforce Reason Codes
• Minimum Order Quantities and Dollar Amounts
• Bug Fixes and performance improvements

Please call support at (908) 686-5200 extension 1 for more information or email us at