New England Ice Cream is a full-service distributor specializing in the frozen and dairy treats that have come to epitomize summer as well as the tasty desserts we enjoy all year long. It provides convenience stores, restaurants, grocers, and hospitals with full stocking and delivery of frozen food and dairy products as well as support for freezers, refrigerators, and displays.

New England Ice Cream has experienced significant growth over the past decade, with sales nearly quadrupling leading to a need for it to build a new 60,000 square foot warehousing facility. This was its first large-scale warehouse and created an immediate need for a warehouse management system, as well as warehousing team members and a supervisor. However, New England Ice Cream needed a rapid installation and implementation to optimize its warehouse and business before it faced a significant increase in customer demand in the summer of 2017.

“We went from essentially nothing to immediately implementing a WMS, so we couldn’t follow the normal rules because of that significant time constraint. We needed Made4net to ramp up the planning, training, and testing phases to get us ready in roughly two months, and they really came through for us,” said Ted Gerlach, Controller and Operations/Process Improvement, at New England Ice Cream.

New England Ice Cream had an existing ERP from IntegraSys and wanted to leverage this for core business activities because of its robust functionality. Made4net and IntegraSys worked together to make sure the two platforms could integrate quickly and give New England Ice Cream the tools it needed to manage its operations and maintain existing positive relationships with clients.

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