Watchung NJ – January 2012 – In our continuing efforts to provide the best possible customer service and support, IntegraSys has implemented a totally new customer support portal that enables customers better visibility and accessibility to their support desk submissions. Hugo Monteiro, customer support agent for IntegraSys, says “Not only do we get visibility to all the active tickets for a specific user but the user themselves has full visibility and update access to their own calls.” He says “This empowers our customers to possibily solve their own issues based upon their ability to see how problems were resolved in the past.”

Manager of Customer Support, Douglas Jackson states: “We chose the Zendesk based system based upon recommendations of other technology providers that we work with and based upon the many customization options available for this product. One of our primary goals in selecting the Zendesk package is to continue and extend our support umbrella and allow the cross-pollination of ideas for our customers using the integrated knowledgebase technology. This technology has allowed us to leverage our support staff’s time and maximize the skillset that the support agent brings to the table.”

The new Integrasys Customer Care platform integrates seamlessly to our VOIP phone system. A message created in voicemail automatically is entered in our Customer Care system insuring that the proper resolution outcome always assured and no customer problem falls thru the cracks. All support issues are logged by the system automatically, given a unique tracking number and monitored from inception to resolution.

IntegraSys understands that providing excellent support is essential to our overall product and service offerings and continues to make improvements and investments in our support structure.

IntegraSys is a privately held technology company that specializes in the Direct Store Delivery segment of the Food and Beverage industry. More information is available at

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