DSD Manager


DSD Manager is the premier DSD-specific Route Accounting solution created specifically for the distribution industry. It has been developed from the ground up to efficiently support a 5, 20, 50,100 or 300 truck operation. It is designed to automate, streamline and improve all aspects of your beverage, dairy, ice cream or snack distribution operation.

Our DSD Manager solution has a proven track record of success in achieving peak Direct Store Delivery (DSD) operational efficiency, taking excess cost out of your business and presenting a professional face to your customers and suppliers. You will quickly find that having the right DSD-specific software solution for your business will save time & money and add to your bottom line.

It is specially designed to integrate with a wide variety of mobile hardware including: Intermec, Motorola, and Apple iPad.

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DSD Manager Features Include (click feature to expand):

  1. Route Sales Processing
    • Full-featured sales invoice entry and adjustment function
    • Support for distributor or independent owner-operator (I/O) routes (including central bill and drayage capabilities)
    • Flexible invoice correction and auditing
    • Purchase Order/Call number entry and tracking
    • Call Desk with Pre-Sales/Tele-Sales
    • Standing Orders
    • Par-Levels
    • Authorized Product Lists
    • Sales Templates
  2. File Maintenance
    • Well-designed maintenance screens put key information at your fingertips
    • Integrated lookup capabilities
    • Flexible print and import/export capabilities of all master files
    • User security restricts users access to different areas of the system
  3. Flexible Routing Solutions
    • Flexible routing cycles: every week, multiple visits per week, bi-weekly, 3,4,6,8 & 12 week cycles
    • Unique “Relief” route feature handles vacation/sick days without having to re-route
    • Support for “hot shot” routes
    • Links to RoadNet® routing solutions application & Microsoft Streets & Trips (third-party)
    • Supports Vendor Deliveries & Rebates
  4. Sub-Distributor Routes
    • Fully integrated support for distributor or owner/operator (I/0) routes
    • Easy maintenance of customer routing and sequencing with exclusive “relief” routing capabilities
    • Auto invoice generation for product loads (purchases)
    • Fluid handling of central bill and distributor credits
    • Separate cash and A/R tracking for distributors
    • Easy Distributor Statement generation and management reporting
    • Simple charge entry for truck charges, hand-held fees, etc. (to distributors)
  5. Order Management
    • Flexible customer ordering scheduling and tracking (call desk)
    • Unlimited number of call desks
    • Can also handle call-in orders
    • Real-time inventory check
    • Credit Hold/Credit Limit checking
    • Multiple order alerts
    • Real-time mobile ordering
    • Minimum order $, quantities
    • EDI orders
  6. Pricing
    • Unlimited price schedules with effective dates
    • Linked Schedules
    • Cost-based pricing
    • Pricing by product groups
    • Support for drayage & backstage pricing
    • Secured price-override feature
  7. Promotions
    • Simple promotion setup
    • Off-invoice, percent-off and net price promotion (can include or exclude returns)
    • Promo assignment by customer, bill-to or chain
    • Extensive promotion reporting capabilities
    • Track vendor bill-backs
  8. Commissions
    • Calculate by product & customer
    • Calculate based on fixed amount or percentage
    • Calculate Commission based on sales totals
    • Organize with Effective Dates
    • Option to “split” commissions
  9. Inventory Management
    • Support for multiple warehouses and truck inventory locations
    • Perpetual inventory for main warehouse and trucks
    • Tracks all inventory movements: transfers, receipts and adjustments
    • Detailed inventory transaction audit and reporting
    • Physical Inventory processing with post-derivation feature
    • Purchasing and Receiving  (with Scanning Option)
    • Integrated hand-held Load-out and customer orders
  10. Integrated EDI
    • Integrated EDI module eliminates the need for third-party EDI translators or mapping software
    • Supports X12 and VICS EDI standards
    • EDI Partner custom formats available
    • Direct FTP to EDI Partner or Value Added Network(VAN)
    • Supported transaction sets:
      • 810 Invoice (Import and Export)
      • 812 Adjustments
      • 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice
      • 832 Price Sales Catalog
      • 850 Purchase Order
      • 852 Scan Based Trading
      • 856 Advance Ship Notice
      • 864 Text Message
      • 940 Inventory Order
      • 997 Receipt
  11. Scan Based Trading
    • Full Support for Scan Based Trading (SBT)/Consignment Inventory
    • Each SBT customer is considered an Inventory location
    • Handheld facilitates ‘transfer’ of Inventory from Truck to Store
    • EDI Feed From Store of product scanned at the register (EDI 852)
    • EDI Payment (EDI 820) also supported
  12. Walk-Up Sales
    • Point of Sale (POS) functionality
    • Immediate invoicing
    • Warehouse picking documents
    • Cash (COD) management
    • Option to Scan
  13. Asset Management
    • Track all of your trade assets including customer placements
    • Records purchases, maintenance activity and status
    • Integrated sales reporting to measure effectiveness of placements
    • Track any asset by Serial Number, Asset Tag (bar code)
    • Audit Asset(s) at customer location (with GPS verification)
    • Scan Asset(s) in/out of warehouse locations
    • Organized by vendor/owner
    • Complete placement history
    • Track maintenance and expenses
    • Flexible import/export
  14. Prospect Management
    • Track Prospect status in the field
    • View on screen reports of Prospect Status
    • Create custom prospecting questions
    • Easily convert the prospect into a customer with the click of a button
  15. Full Financial Suite
    • Integrated batch-based or check-based cash application
    • Full featured Accounts Receivable module
    • Full featured Accounts Payables module
    • Full featured General Ledger  module (including: flexible account structures, multi-company, multi-location)
    • User-definable aging periods
    • Flexible billing periods
    • Budget Imports
    • Comprehensive Reporting (including Route Level Profit & Loss Statements)
  16. Reporting
    • Over 70 “real world” sales reports (product, customer, route, asset, etc.)
    • All reports can be exported to Excel, Word (RTF), PDF, HTML format
    • On-line preview capability
    • Easily save report parameters to run later
    • Automated Report Email Scheduler
  17. Surveys
    • Create Custom Surveys that can be downloaded to the handheld
    • Surveys Options include:
      • Take a Photo
      • Multiple Choice
      • Drop Down Menu
      • Radio Buttons
      • Free Form Text/Comment
  18. Other Key Features
    • Customer Service module: one screen access to all customer-pertinent information: (payments, invoices, deliveries, aging and equipment tracking)
    • Custom integration with your ERP or accounting system is available
    • Raw Material and Lot Tracking

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