30 Jun 2020
June 30, 2020

Full Financial Suite (Built-in!)

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Did you know that DSD Manager has a complete financial suite built-in? There are a lot of excellent financial packages available on the market, but very few have been designed specifically for the distribution industry.   The DSD Manager application suite features built-in financials (A/R, A/P and G/L) eliminating the need for third-party, generic accounting packages.. read more →

27 Mar 2020
March 27, 2020

Covid-19 Statement

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A message from Peter D’Angelo, Managing Director To our valued partners, I just wanted to write to you personally to reassure you that your friends at IntegraSys are here for you – now more than ever. We realize that these are difficult times for us (both personally and professionally), but we also realize that many.. read more →

20 Feb 2020
February 20, 2020

Mobile Store Resets & Auditing

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Real-time Store Resets & Auditing are now completely integrated to our back office DSD Manager solution. This app was designed to automatically track the progress of store resets & audits. Gone are the days of tracking resets manually. Now, when Walgreen’s asks when all their stores will be reset with their new displays, you can.. read more →

13 Dec 2019
December 13, 2019

How does Ransomware work?

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Can I protect my business from a Ransomware attack? According to the Department of Homeland security, Ransomware is primarily delivered through phishing emails or by users visiting shady websites and unknowingly downloading malicious code. “Ransomware is commonly delivered through phishing emails or via “drive-by downloads.” Phishing emails often appear as though they have been sent.. read more →

21 Oct 2019
October 21, 2019

Suggested Ordering Feature

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Drive more sales using suggested ordering Drive sales up and reduce out of stocks with our intelligent, suggested ordering option built into DSD Manager. Our suggested ordering algorithm uses several inputs to help predict the order for your customer. Sales History– Base the suggested order calculation on a variable number of weeks of sales history.. read more →

Is it a hassle for you or your customers to place orders?    Is your staff playing phone tag or spending too much time manually taking orders over the phone? With our new Customer Web Portal, your customers can now login and place an order with you directly via a professional website that’s branded with your.. read more →

15 Jan 2019
January 15, 2019

You’ve Got Mail!

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Sales, Financial, Inventory & Asset Reports automatically emailed to you or your staff with our Report Email Scheduler. DSD Manager, our DSD “all-in-one” route accounting application suite, can now automatically send reports via email with our ‘Report Email Scheduler’ module. DSD Manager has over 70 “DSD” sales, financial, inventory and asset reports designed specifically by.. read more →

  IntegraSys is proud to announce that our DSD Manager® application suite is now available as a Cloud-hosted solution with our private cloud services offering. “Focus more on running your business and not maintaining your local servers” All you need is an internet connection and you are in!  No more having to backup your data.. read more →

27 Jun 2018
June 27, 2018

New iPhone DSD App

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Available with full Pre-Order & Delivery functionality We are proud to announce the release of our new iPhone Full DSD Delivery APP! Now, your route salespeople can utilize Apple iPhones® or iPads® to place orders, make deliveries and more! With a rugged case and the Brother 4’ thermal printer, the iPhone solution combines affordability and.. read more →

New England Ice Cream is a full-service distributor specializing in the frozen and dairy treats that have come to epitomize summer as well as the tasty desserts we enjoy all year long. It provides convenience stores, restaurants, grocers, and hospitals with full stocking and delivery of frozen food and dairy products as well as support.. read more →